Food Labelling Compliance

Having a labelling compliant with the EU or the extra EU regulations is essential for companies that want to market their products abroad. There are many problems in which a food company can incur without following what is prescribed by the law. If the competent bodies find the non-compliance, the company would incur not only a heavy fine, but also to significant costs to be forced to withdraw from the market or markets in more countries all production lots with non-compliant labelling. This is an enormous damage that can be avoided from when the launches of new product lines are designed. This can happen, for example, if the company exports to a market without having prepared labelling in the language of that country. Or the withdrawal of production lots is necessary, because the labelling does not include allergens highlighted in bold, a very dangerous factor for consumer health, which in some cases can lead to lethal consequences. Ethics, transparency and not least the consumer health protection are inextricably linked to the creation of a labelling in accordance with the law.

Companies often turn directly to translators, printers or communication agencies that create packaging. Unfortunately, most translators are not aware of the EU or the extra EU food regulations, following exclusively grammar and syntax rules. This is not enough! The company must choose translators specialised in the food sector and who are aware of the regulations and their updates. The latter are often the Achilles heel of companies that sometimes launch an entire line of products, following the old rules of a regulation that has undergone variations perhaps in the words of the nutritional information or list of ingredients.

Another common problem is that companies often make use of nutritional claims now exceeded by the new updates of the European Law and also in this case they risk incurring heavy sanctions or product withdrawals by the authorities in charge of checks.
The service provided for food labelling compliance can be of two types: translation of labelling from the original language in compliance with the EU or the extra EU regulations, if the company provides only the text to be translated or the compliance with the EU or the extra EU Laws for the labelling, whose translation in the destination language is already provided by the company.

24 are the languages in which both services are provided: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian and Albanian.

The benefits in utilising these services are remarkable and multiple:
  • It avoids incurring sanctions in the destination language country due to non-compliant labelling,
  • The company would have updated labelling to what is required by the EU or the extra EU regulations. Often labels on the market are no longer compliant with the regulations, as the latter have undergone changes, which were not made on the packs of food products on the market,
  • The consumer is provided to a clear labelling to read in his own language, as prescribed by the European or the extra European Law,
  • If the client uses the labelling translation service, the company would not need to search for further advice on translation compliance, with a considerable saving of time and money,
  • The possibility of communicating and exporting the own business and food products in many countries of the world with a huge potential for an increased turnover for the company.
Each text on the pack is controlled and advice will be provide if something is not in accordance with the EU or the extra EU Law or some elements required by the regulations are missing.

On express request by the client company, the labelling check of the final artworks before packaging printing is provided.

Quick turnaround times ensure a significant time saving on the client company schedule.


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