I.F.O. EU Project:

One of our jobs delievered to clients

Among our latest jobs, we would like to mention our translation service for the "Fondazione Chinnici ", as part of the European project IFO (Illegal Flow Observation) on the "Fight against drug trafficking", which involved the Foundation, the University of Palermo and the University of Salamanca (Spain). We took care to translate all the material for the e-learning course, followed by more than 15 European countries, as the result of the lessons of the operators in the field, police and magistrates. In addition, we dealt with the translation of the texts that gave birth to the final publication in English, as well as keeping it up to editing. The translations were done using English and Spanish. We have also translated the final brochure in English and Spanish, which was  used for the conference which took place in Palermo, at the end of the project. The project was realised by the company "Soluzioni d'Impresa" (SDI) from Palermo, in the persons of its owner, the engineer Massimo Plescia, and the project manager, the engineer Giorgia Petrotta.

Here following, you will find the PDF files of these jobs.

Other jobs delievered to clients

Over the years, we have carried out work of different kinds for Granarolo SpA (Bologna): business presentations in English for the Marketing department; product brochures to be delivered to gastroenterologists; translating texts into English. Collaborations with Elisa Zanotti of "Identità Golose", very well-known event in the world of pastry and culinary, which takes place in Milan, for which we have made translations from Italian into English.
For privacy reasons, we cannot insert PDFs of these and other works carried out over time.

Translations from Italian into English for "OVERFLY",

Falcone Borsellino Palermo Airport house organ

Here you are, only some of the translations, from Italian into English, for "OVERFLY", Falcone Borsellino Palermo Airport house organ.

Overfly-colophon evidenziatojpg
Arte e Musica in aeroporto IT EN-1jpg
Arte e Musica in aeroporto IT EN-2jpg
Concerto aeroporto IT EN-1jpg
Concerto aeroporto IT EN-2jpg

Diversabilita IT EN-1jpg
Diversabilita IT EN-2jpg

Piste aeroporto IT EN-1jpg
Piste aeroporto IT EN-2jpg

Some recent articles I wrote as a journalist and

translated from Italian into English

Here you are, only some recent articles I wrote as a journalist and translated, from Italian into English, for "Le Vie del Gusto" magazine.

LeViedelGusto nov17-coverjpg
ViedelGusto nov17-colophonjpg
Viedel Gusto nov17 ENjpg


ViedelGusto-mio art ITA dic17jpg