Linda Lattuca

  • Freelance Consultant. 
  • Food Labelling Compliance Expert (24 Languages: IT-EN-FR-DE-ES-PT-NL-NO-SV-DK-FI-PL-RO-ET-LT-LV-EL-BG-CS-SK-HU-HR-SLO-AL), in accordance with EU/Non EU Regs.
  • Journalist.
  • Expert in Marketing & Communication, Events, PR, Press-office.
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Flexitarian and food lover.

My passions

My work is the synthesis of many of my passions such as foreign languages, communication, food and relationships with people of different languages and cultures. The passion to share my professional experience and put my talents at the service of small and large companies and help them communicate their best in the world, proposing the solutions that best meet their needs.

My competencies: the experience that counts

Marketing, Communication, Training and in-depth knowledge of several foreign languages, experienced also with working experiences abroad, and last but not least an in-depth knowledge of the Italian language, with its complex rules and facets, are the areas in which I operate. With over twenty years of experience in business, especially in the food industry, in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Events, Public Relations, Customer Service and press offices, I am able to offer "Solutions to communicate the best", as my company pay-off claims and synthesis of my company mission. The studies in Neuroscience, got to know and apply the Neuroeducation to teaching, with reference to the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner and Brain Gym, to encourage and facilitate the learning of any subject.

My objectives

I am focused on providing customised consulting services with the highest standards of quality, my constant commitment. At the heart of my business objectives, which guide me in my approach to business, there is a desire to meet the needs of my customers in a unique and effective way. I believe that success requires an ongoing commitment to exceptional standards and overall performance and productivity, aimed at effective cooperation, and a willingness to evolve and innovate. For this reason, I strongly believe that, to be successful, the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone I work with, are necessary.

My added value

"Solutions to communicate the best" whatever the customer needs: the  compliance with EU/non EU Law for food products labelling, a business presentation, a translation, a course of business English, the language of business, to be able to manage your relationships with contractors of other countries, to create new opportunities for international business. These are just some examples that create real added value for your company.